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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

4 reasons you should use your Dental Benefits before the end of 2011

Did you know that you could actually save hundreds of dollars by using your dental benefits before the end of the year? If your dental insurance plan is on a calendar year, these 4 reasons will show you why you should make a dental appointment now.
1. Yearly Maximum
The yearly maximum is the most money that the dental insurance plan will pay for your dental work within one full year. This amount varies by insurance company, but the average is around $1,000 per year, per person. The yearly maximum usually renews every year (on January 1 if your plan is on a calendar year). If you have unused benefits, these will not rollover.
2. Deductible
The deductible is the amount of money that you must pay to your dentist out of pocket before your insurance company will pay for any services. This fee varies from one plan to another however the average deductible for a dental insurance plan is usually around $50 per year. Your deductible also starts again when your plan rolls over.
3. Premiums
If you are paying your dental insurance premiums every month, you should be using your benefits. Even if you don’t need any dental treatment, you should always have your regular dental cleanings to help prevent and detect any early signs of cavities, gum disease, oral cancer and other dental problems.
4. Dental Problems Can Worsen
By delaying dental treatment, you are risking more extensive and expensive treatment down the road. What may be a simple cavity now, could turn into a root canal later. Call your dentist and schedule an appointment to use those benefits.
Dr Patel's office and dental clinic work with various insurances and will help you maximize your insurance benefits. Dr Patel's office also offers monthly payments with your good credit to help you complete your dental treatment. Visit www.lakewaysmiles.com for more information or call Dr Patel's Lakeway & Austin Office at 512-263-8337.


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