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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Healthy Holiday Eating

During the holidays, your healthy eating habits may fly out the window with all the delicious snacks, desserts, and holiday meals in front of you.  It is very tempting to overindulge during this season.  So how can you stay on track this season without missing out on the great food? Whether you’re hosting a holiday party, going to several parties, or visiting your favorite restaurant this season, listen up because we found some great holiday food swaps to help you out!

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·       Skip the dinner rolls! Grab the veggies and dip instead! Veggies will help you feel fuller faster as rolls usually lead to over eating and more consumption of refined carbs.

         Skip the white potatoes! Go for some sweet potatoes instead! White potatoes can’t match the nutrition found in sweet potatoes!

         Skip the egg nog! Pick up some sugar-free hot chocolate instead! Sugary beverages can pack tons of calories and fat, so choose wisely!

         Skip the holiday ham! Pick turkey instead! Turkey provides a lean protein, as ham can                                be loaded with sodium!

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1 comment:

Andrew Huang said...

Thank you for these tips. Staying health is definitely not on everybody's mind this holiday. Tips like skipping Ham are definitely doable.