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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tips for a Happy and Healthy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope your holidays were spent with family and friends, relaxing and having a good time. A new year can mean a new you for many people. It can also mean resolutions, changing your habits, and trying new things. Whatever you decide this year, follow these tips for a happy and healthy 2013! 
Sleep- The many benefits of adequate sleep include:  makes you feel better, less likely to get sick, decreased risk for cardiovascular disease, increase in memory(helps in school and job performance), and reaction speed (reduces the likelihood of being in a car accident).
2.       Water- Drink it! And lots of it! Practically every function in the body is enhanced with proper hydration!
3.       Stop Caffeine and Energy Drink Addiction-They contribute no nutritional value to your body and carry with them a high price tag. Most soda and energy drinks contain acids that play a role in the development of tooth decay and the need for dental fillings and crowns. 
4.       Walk more- Simple walking can help your energy, promote heart health, lung capacity, and muscle tone.  
5.      Prevention- Do your best to keep a healthy diet, maintain good hygiene, keep active, and take your prescriptions according to physician’s instructions. Visit your dentist and physician regularly. Prevent health issues with a healthy lifestyle!
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