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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Healthy Spring Beauty Tips

March is just a step away which means spring is on the way! Have a healthier spring season with these 5 tips that will make you feel better and prepare for summer!
1.       Gardening- Getting outside to mow the lawn, weeding the yard, or planting flowers and/or vegetables are great ways to get some Vitamin D and exercise! You can burn 250-350 calories per hour just by gardening! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

2.       Cosmetics- Make-up is just like anything else: It EXPIRES! So be sure to do some spring cleaning on your make-up collection which is a great excuse to go get some new items! Make-up usually lasts around 6 months to a year. After that bacteria can build up leading to break-outs and infection!

3.       Get Your Hands Dirty-You may read this and think ‘Gross!” but getting a little dirty can be good for you! It exposes you to certain bacteria which help produce vitamins and proteins and helps our immune and digestion system!

4.       Find a Farmer’s Market or Coop- Everyone has heard of the benefits of buying locally and fresh fruits and veggies! This is a great way to get in-season items and know what you get is fresh, local, and delicious.

5.       Get a Massage- Eliminate stress, pain and improve your mobility and flexibility! Give spring a fresh start with a massage and feel great!

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