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Thursday, February 14, 2013


February is the month of love, but remember love can be shown in many different ways and doesn’t always have to include flowers and candy.  And who says you can’t celebrate with your loved ones every day? Love is meant to be shown, shared, and spread. Don’t just confine it to one day a year! There are many expressions of love and some of the most meaningful ones are free of charge! Check out some fun and creative ways to spread the love:
1.    Begin the day by giving them a huge bear hug.
2.    Tuck an “I love you” note where they can find it later.
3.    Admit that you made a mistake, when you actually make one.
4.    Offer to take the dog out, when you know someone is tied down with work.
5.    Make a homemade card or gift.
6.    Write them a poem.
7.    Decorate a vase with something they like and fill it with their favorite candy or some hand-picked flowers.
8.    Prepare them their favorite meal.
9.    Have a movie marathon with their top 5 movies.
10.  Do the cleaning.
Happy Valentine’s Day from Lakeway Smiles.

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