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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tips to Help Your Children Learn Good Dental Hygiene

I recently came upon this excellent article about the importance of starting good oral hygiene in young children. Starting at a young age can prevent cavities, gum disease and other serious dental issues and lead towards a long-life of proper oral care. What can you do to encourage your children to this? Take a look at some of these great tips thanks to Krengel Blurbs (http://krengelblurbs.blogspot.com/2013/02/tips-for-good-dental-hygiene-in-young.html) :
 1.       Make brushing their teeth a daily routine
2.       Make brushing their teeth fun
3.       Begin gently flossing
4.       Candy and sweets aren’t the only foods that can cause tooth decay
5.       Visit a dentist regularly

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Ronald White said...

Great tips that I can use for my kids! I've been trying to figure out what cosmetic dentistry in Edmonton exactly is. I'm not real familiar with it. Does anyone know more about this?

Anonymous said...

wow! these is such a great tips specially for the kids..its very important they should know how to take care of their teeth

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