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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Resource for dental questions

We're excited to be a part of the Dental Find Network of Dentists. Check out www.dentalfind.com, to find out more about your dental health questions...be it general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and more! Dr Tejas Patel is featured as the Austin Tx Dentist and also the Lakeway Tx Dentist. The site is a great resource, so make sure to check it out to learn more about your dental health.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Services provided at our office

We offer a multitude of services and procedures here at our Austin & Lakeway dental office. Here's some examples of some of the patients that we get to help out. We had a patient that wanted to replace all of the silver fillings on their mouth, we were able to replace all of the old amalgam fillings with resin or tooth colored fillings since her older fillings were smaller. For another patient, they had a similiar situation, but the old silver fillings had cracked and weakened the tooth and the old fillings took up more than half of the tooth. In this case we were able to do porcelain crowns that looked natural and are very durable. For a family that we see, we saw the parents and their kids and took care of their basic dental checkups and cleanings. For some other patients we completed Zoom Teeth whitening which is a great and easy way to get whiter teeth. For another patient, they wanted the gaps closed between some of their teeth and other teeth straightened so we started the Invisalign process. We also have many patients come to use because they're scared of the dentist and come to us for sedation dentistry. We have many patients that have missing teeth that we help with dental implants and denture services....And finally we have many patients who come to us that are unhappy with their smiles and want a great long term permanent solution. For many of these patients we used porcelain veneers to improve their smile and help them get the smile that they've always wanted. Visit out before and after section of our website to see more!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Dental Products to help with flossing

Here are 2 new products we're excited about:

1.Flossed Today Floss Reminder App for the iPhone--go to i tunes and download the app, it'll send daily reminders to your iPhone letting you know to floss! That's pretty cool!

2. Sonicare Air Floss
It works with a burst of water and air to clean between teeth! Will it replace flossing? We're not sure yet, but we're really excited to give it a try and see for ourselves!

If you have questions about taking care of your teeth, brushing, or flossing or what products to use...give us a call or send us an email. Dr Patel is a Dentist in Austin and Lakeway Tx.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Replacing old silver fillings

Replacing old silver fillings is a procedure that we perform here at Dr Tejas Patel's office routinely. Many times there are concerns with old silver fillings as they tend to weaken teeth and eventually can cause teeth to fracture. Also, if the edges of the filling are sealed, that is a concern as well as if there is cavities or tooth decay around or below the silver filling. Here are some before and after pictures of silver fillings that were replaced with new resin based tooth colored fillings. Visit www.lakewaysmiles.com for more information on replacing your old silver fillings or updating your old dental work. Dr Patel is a Family and Cosmetic Dentist in Austin Tx and Lakeway Tx.