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Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Dental Products to help with flossing

Here are 2 new products we're excited about:

1.Flossed Today Floss Reminder App for the iPhone--go to i tunes and download the app, it'll send daily reminders to your iPhone letting you know to floss! That's pretty cool!

2. Sonicare Air Floss
It works with a burst of water and air to clean between teeth! Will it replace flossing? We're not sure yet, but we're really excited to give it a try and see for ourselves!

If you have questions about taking care of your teeth, brushing, or flossing or what products to use...give us a call or send us an email. Dr Patel is a Dentist in Austin and Lakeway Tx.


Stephanie P said...

Great post. I love reading about new advancements in dental and dental products. I work in the industry myself. Check it out.


Kelly said...

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