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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Front teeth bondings from Austin & Lakeway Dentist - Tejas Patel, DDS

Here is a before(bottom pic) and after (top pic) case, where our patient had just finished braces. Since the patient's teeth were smaller, the braces were used to align the teeth better. We used dental bondings to finish the smile and close the spaces and make the teeth look more symmetrical and proportionate. What a great result and what a big difference. There are so many options with improving smiles, from teeth whitening to dental bondings to porcelain veneers. Contact our Lakeway & Austin Dental Office for more information.


yizhantech said...

im getting my 2 front teeth bonded so they look nicer...what should i except to happen during this...do they give an anasthetic or anything or do they jsut mold yr teeth and get going

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aubinorthodontics said...

Great Blog!! That was amazing. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome. You are really a master.

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Northumberland Dentist said...

Great blog on cosmetic dentistry and bonding, nice to see a practice so active online.

DRMuradThakur said...

ottanboGreat post.Front teeth bonding is important for better looking. It's really nice to see a practice. Thanks for sharing. Family Dentist

childrendentistsca said...

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