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Friday, July 19, 2013

Prepare For Back-To-School

Summer has just flown by and back to school will be here sooner than you think. It’s difficult to transition children into back-to-school mode, but by taking a few steps a little early, your child(ren) will be ready to get back into school come August.

Step 1: Get back into your old school routine- Utilize the last few weeks of summer to re-establish schedules, morning routines, activities, etc.

Step 2: For smaller children, encourage independence- Once they arrive in the classroom, children will need to do several things for themselves. Begin speaking to your child about responsibilities and expectations. You can also assign them tasks or chores to get them transitioned.

Step 3: Set-up a schedule- Similar to step one, set a wake-up time, breakfast time, homework time, and bed time and stick to it a few weeks before school starts. Homework time before school starts can be reading time or something of that nature.

Step 4: Get the rest of the family involved- Everyone is probably still in summer mode, but by getting the whole family in back-to-school mode will help provide a smoother transition for everyone. 

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