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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dental Implants Austin, Tx- Lakeway Before and after Photos by Implant ...

Here's a link to a before and after video on dental implants. Our patients went from missing teeth to getting teeth replacements!
What a difference that dental implants can make! From closing spaces, to getting teeth back that can help with chewing, there are so many benefits! Dental Implants are great as well because they are fixed into place and don't need to be removed. They're a great permanent replacement for a single missing tooth, to several missing teeth, or a whole row of missing teeth.
Dental implants are also a great option for teeth that are severely broken or infected that can't be saved.
If you have questions about dental implants in Austin Tx or Lakeway Tx or a Dental Implant Dentist, visit www.austindentalimplantsanddentures.com for more information.


John Moran said...

Dental Implants have completely changed the face of dentistry and one needs to check for the best practices in the industry before going in for dental implants.
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Charisma Combestra said...

There are few instances where implants can be a complication, such as an infection, or if you are a smoker. Just follow all the guidelines given and you should be fine.

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Excel Dental Office said...

Dental implants are replacement of tooth roots. Dental Implants provide a strong foundation for removable replacement teeth that are made to match your natural teeth. When a tooth is lost the specialized bony process that houses the tooth begins to resorb due to lack of stimulation. This causes a decrease in width and height of the bone in the area the tooth is lost. Neighboring teeth and opposing teeth begin to move into the space. This causes food lodgment, subsequent decay, gum disease and abnormal forces being transmitted to teeth leading to fracture of cusps which may necessitate root canal treatment or extraction. Loss of teeth can also cause the cheek and lips to collapse giving an aged look.

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Dentist Melbourne said...

Good Information about Cosmetic Dental. Cosmetic dentistry is basically that makes your teeth look better and improve their function of biting and the gums. I like it.
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fredsolomondmdM said...

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Apex Smiles said...

One of the most popular reasons to visit the dentist these days is to explore whitening options for your teeth. Many people have habits and consume products that stain teeth. Coffee, tea, wine, and cigarettes are all common culprits that can cause unsightly discoloration or stains on your upper and lower teeth. This can be improved or even completely eliminated with advances in whitening techniques and technology. Teeth Whitening has become a popular and cost-effective way to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile in a short period of time.

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