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Friday, March 18, 2011

Oral Cancer and Chewing Tobacco

Check out this link for the dangers associated with Chewing Tobacco.
Pass it along to anyone that you know that dips or chews. Chewing tobacco is extremely harmful to your overall health and especially your oral health. If you do have a history of smoking or chewing tobacco, let your Dentist know so they can perform an oral cancer screening. Dr Patel is a dentist in Austin Tx and Lakeway Tx and uses the Vizilite system for oral cancer screenings.
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siryoz0 said...

My Father and I are arguing about how a person get that awful discoloration of teeth. I am now well informed about this notion and might as well share it to dad.

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John Moran said...
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Jonathan J. Taylor said...

Tobacco is extremely harmful to your overall health and especially to your oral health. If it is related to only oral health problems than there is some cure which can be provided to the patient but if it is not that it might be cause cancer. So, try to remove this Habit.......
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