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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Laser Dentistry and Laser Periodontal Treatment

We're excited to announce that our Dental Hygienist is now certified to perform Laser Periodontal and other treatments. In our Austin & Lakeway Dental office we've been using a soft tissue laser to perform various procedures like laser gum contouring for gummy smiles, cosmetic gum procedures, and frenectomy procedures for braces/orthodontic treatment. Now we're offering laser treatment for the following:
•Treating of Aphtous Ulcers and Herpetic Lesions
•Reducing bacteria associated with gum disease and helping sterilize the gum pockets after periodontal treatment
The laser helps get rid of the bacteria that causes gum disease so it helps with better healing and better results of our gum/ periodontal treatments. For fever blisters or ulcers it helps speed up the healing time and helps reduce the irritation.
For gum treatments it also helps prevent post operative soreness and bleeding.
Call 512-263-8337 to find out more about this great technology.

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dennis said...

Laser dental treatment is a fantastic new branch of dental technology. Kudos to the hard working scientists and dentists who helped make it possible. In the Philadelphia area, my dentist, www.smilemakerpa.com, also has great laser technology.