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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Healthy Back-To-School Tips

It’s that time again to prepare your children for back-to-school. Many of us get caught up in making sure they have the supplies they need, get new clothes, etc and forget about a few important things they also need before going back to school. You can make sure they go back happy and healthy by following these few steps:

  1. Make sure shots are current-Schools will not enroll students without an immunization record
  2. Check their vision- According to Pamela F. Gallin, MD, director of pediatric ophthalmology at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, as many as one in 20 children can’t see out of one of their eyes.  Many parents find it difficult to determine if their children need glasses, so it’s best to have their vision checked regularly.
  3. Alert your child, school nurse, teachers, and other individuals your child interacts with about any health issues, allergies or physical restrictions they may have.
  4. Provide the school with any medications your child needs. 

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