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Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to School Dental Tips

It’s that time again! Summer has come and gone, but now we have to get our kids ready for a new school year. With the hustle and bustle of school supplies, schedules, and after school activities don’t forget the health checklist. A dental exam is on the top of many parents’ back to school checklist.  One of the main causes why children miss school is because of a toothache. There are several things you can do to keep your child’s teeth healthy in between dental visits.
1.       Brushing- Look for a tooth paste with fluoride in it and brush for at least 2 minutes
2.       Flossing- If your child does not have all of their permanent teeth, brushing usually takes care of the flossing part. Flossing becomes more and more important as your child grows and gets their permanent teeth.
3.       Diet- Watching what your kids eat and drink can help keep their teeth healthy. Candy, sugar, and acidic foods can cause serious wear and tear on their teeth. Try to squeeze in crunchy veggies and swap out sodas and sugary drinks for water whenever possible
Lakeway Smiles wishes everyone a happy and safe school year!


Jeremy Miles said...

My kids need these back to school dental tips. I will share it to them for them to know what to do. We are also going to visit rocklin dentist this weekend.

Jeff Hardy said...

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