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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sedation Dentistry

Do you get nervous even thinking about a visit to the dentist? At both of offices, we offer a variety of sedation dentistry to help ease your experience and make you feel better about your visit. A variety of options are available:

-You can have nitrous oxide (laughing gas), which many people are familiar with, and which relaxes you without impairing your consciousness of your surroundings.
-You can have a stronger sedative Dr. Patel will prescribe for you. These medications will calm you and make you tired and sleepy. You would take it before leaving home that day, so you’d need someone to drive you to Dr. Patel’s sleep dentistry office, and home again afterwards. With this option you’ll feel drowsy and calm, but still be able to hear requests from the staff.

We will discuss your level of anxiety to determine which medication is right for you. Dr. Patel has completed courses in conscious sedation dentistry, and monitors your vital signs during the procedure at all times. He will also make sure that the sedation medications do not conflict or interact in a harmful way with your current medications. 

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